Return Policy

We do not accept any returns in our Handmade Natural Soap line. This is simply a sanitary issue. Therefore, visit our Handmade Natural Soap page to see a list of ingredients, descriptions of the fragrances and Nut Allergy information. This information is posted on our website for your benefit prior to placing your order. When your order is placed, you are confirming you have read and understand what is in the products you have ordered. As for our Candle line, we have thoroughly tested our candles to ensure that our Wax Blend, Wick Selection and Fragrance Oil combinations will perform outstandingly well. You are assured of a high quality product before leaving our facility.

We take great care in packaging your products for shipping. If needed, we also use warning labels on our cartons such as "fragile" "keep out of sun", "this side up", etc. This will alert the carrier to take the needed care for your package. So, we're confident your products will arrive safely, and in top condition for your enjoyment. In the rare event your product is broken or damaged, please file a claim with your carrier and contact Bay Front Treasures immediately prior to returning the product to receive a confirmation number.

All returns must be made within three business days of your receiving the order. Be assured our goal is to produce high quality products that will keep you coming back as a "regular". Every effort will be made to ensure your product is exactly what you want without any hassles.